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    Driving Miss Doggy: Tips for Driving Safely With Your Dog

    A lot of dogs like to ride in the car with their owners. Some like to pay attention to the things that they are passing by, and others like the windows open so that they can experience the feel of fresh air on their faces. Of course, most dogs don’t like car rides when they know they’re on their way to the vet’s office. If you’re a dog owner and want to take your dog for a ride, keep reading for some ways that you can safely do that.

    Safety First

    It’s fun to take your dog out for a ride, but only 16% of dog owners properly restrain their dog when driving. Your dog shouldn’t have free reign of the car when you’re in motion. There’s a number of different reasons for this. If they get spooked by something you are passing, they could jump and cause an accident. If you are involved in an accident because of something else going on around you, slamming on the brakes could cause your dog to get hurt. You should really have your dog in their crate inside the car. Train them inside the house with the crate ahead of time. You can transfer the crate to your vehicle, and they’ll feel comfortable getting inside of it. Many dogs find their crates more secure and comfortable than just being out in the open within the vehicle.

    Keep Calm

    Some dogs get very excited when they’re in a vehicle. Sometimes it’s because they’re happy to be there. Other times, they would rather escape and get back into the house where they’re comfortable. You can keep your dog calm in a number of ways. On days when you’re not going anywhere, try to get your dog comfortable with your vehicle. You can have them sit in there and play for a short while to get acclimated. Giving them their favorite treat when they appear relaxed can help to reinforce a calm mood in the car. Don’t yell or get them overly agitated if they aren’t cooperating. It’s important that all of their associations with the car are good ones.

    Use Favorite Items

    You should reward your pup for being good in the car. Make the process enjoyable for them. You can use treats, toys and other favorite items when trying to get them loaded up. This is also a good way to keep them calm. A favorite blanket that they can cozy up with makes a big difference. If you plan ahead, you can have some new items in the car that will get your dog excited. If they have a special kind of treat that you only use for special occasions, this is the time to utilize it.

    If you’re going to be driving in the car with your dog, you should plan for the ride. Even if you’re going a short distance, this scenario can cause a lot of anxiety for your pet. Talk to your animal during the ride, play some soothing music, and make sure you’re being compassionate toward how your dog feels.

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