November 5, 2019 Comments(0) Doodle Diary

    What To Know About Traveling with Your Pup

    Taking your pup on a trip is a great way to bond and to teach them how to travel with you safely. Time spent training your dog prior to any long-distance excursion ensures that they’ll be ready to hit the road anytime, and keeping them calm in the car allows them to relax and enjoy the ride. Here are three great things you need to know when traveling with your dog.

    Get Your Pup Used to the Car

    It’s important to take your dog on short trips around town before going longer distances as it allows your pup to get used to the feeling of riding in a moving vehicle. Associating your car or truck with something pleasant is a great way to put your dog at ease and helps to increase their level of comfort. Many pups learn to love travel as they become accustomed to a car’s motion. The more training you do with your pup, the more secure and safe they’ll feel while en route to any destination.

    Stay Safe

    Improper travel arrangements with dogs often lead to distracted driving. Staying safe on the road is priority number one, and proper training of your pup before you head out ensures that you’ll both arrive safely to your destination. When your dog knows what type of behavior is expected in the car, your driving focus improves. This can also release the anxiety you may feel during travel. Providing your dog with a space of their own allows them to feel secure in the car and frees you to manage and respond safely to situations that can arise. You can stop from time to time to give your pup time to run and play. This can help prevent distraction in the car later on.

    Keep Your Pup Calm

    Soothing your furry friend on a car ride permits them to relax while you concentrate on the road. Making the car a place that represents peace, rest, and fun increases the safety of your journey. You can calm your dog with familiar toys, beds, and scents that give them comfort and let them know that you’re there with them. Reducing anxiety and insecurity during any trip, no matter how short, leaves a lasting impression on your pup. This will help get your dog ready for future travel as well.

    Bringing your dog with you when you travel is wonderful when they’re prepared and ready for adventure. Training your pup is the key to safe travel, and providing them with confidence in the car ensures their relaxation and your ability to remain focused behind the wheel as you safely enjoy every moment together.

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