Why choose RedLetter Doodles?

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    RedLetter Doodles is a fantastic breeder of Australian Miniature Labradoodles and Goldendoodles; but let our customers speak for themselves...

    The Chomout Family, Texas

    London and Surrey

    We've known Phil and watched him care for his puppies and families over the years. London and Surrey our Miniature Australian Labradoodles are well behaved, lovable, quiet and super smart. We couldn't imagine having pups from anywhere else but RedLetter Doodles.

    The Buhtz Family, Washington

    Mia and Zoe

    I've gotten two dogs from [RedLetter Doodles] and will only get dogs from them. Phil is very friendly and welcoming; every time I want to come over and visit my pups while they were still too young to bring home. Very knowledgeable in dog breeding, does full genetic testing on the dogs he breeds.

    Both dogs were easy and quickly trainable, non-shedding and very loveable. I will recommend RedLetter Doodles to anyone who is the in market for the best dog ever!!!

    Michelle H, Washington


    We got our F1B Goldendoodle from [RedLetter Doodles] in May 2019 and it was a great experience! Phil was very personable with me and my family and let us come visit the puppies to ensure that we weren't allergic early on. I could tell Phil really loves what he does and I would recommend [RedLetter Doodles]! We are so happy with our puppy!!!

    The Medinas Family, Washington


    Phil takes such loving care of these pups! He’s honest, welcoming, and fair! We were able to visit the puppies multiple times before it was time for us to pick. I highly recommend RedLetter Doodles. As a first time dog owner, I feel this was a great choice for our family, and we ended up with the best dog we could have ever imagined.

    The Horner Family, Washington


    Phil truly loves his dogs and puppies. You cannot go wrong adding a RedLetter Doodle to your family. We have the smartest, sweetest, BEST dog thanks to Phil. Everyone loves our Finn.

    Jon T., Washington


    We purchased a puppy from RedLetter Doodles and could not be happier! Phil was fantastic from the very beginning and has helped us throughout. We love the personal attention and the manner in which Phil raises the puppies before we get to take over. A great experience and wonderful dogs!