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    Goldendoodle History

    The Goldendoodle breed originated in Australia and North America during the 1990s. Goldendoodles were bred in hopes of creating a guide dog that was suitable for people with allergies by combining the gentleness and trainability of a golden retriever with the low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat of the standard poodle.  The Goldendoodle was a smashing success, and it wasn’t long before dog owners of all types wanted these obedient, intelligent, and loving companions as part of their family. Once available only from specialized breeders, Goldendoodles are now available in nearly every state and continue to grow in popularity every year.   Check out our list of Goldendoodle Breeders to find one in your state.

    Goldendoodle Personality

    Goldendoodles have a tremendous amount of personality.  They are charismatic, joyful, and extremely friendly.  Goldendoodles love human companionship and bond very strongly with their owners.   They are also very affectionate.  They love to cuddle, give kisses, or otherwise be the center of attention.   Their friendly and affectionate nature makes them very good with children.  Goldendoodles  are “inside dogs” and want to be inside of the house with the rest of the family whenever possible.

    Goldendoodles are also extremely  intelligent.  Standard poodles and golden retrievers consistently rank among the smartest dog breeds, so Goldendoodles naturally follow suit as very smart dogs.   Along with their eagerness to please, this makes Goldendoodles very easy to train.  They have no problem learning basic obedience, as well as unusual or specialized commands (more Goldendoodle training tips).  On the other hand, their intelligent also tends to lead them into mischief if they are left alone for extend periods of time.  Goldendoodles can be very clever in finding ways to entertain themselves, so proper discipline is important. Goldendoodles are also quite energetic dogs.  They  love to play and require a modest amount of exercise.  They’re considered very athletic dogs and will eagerly play fetch or go swimming.  Goldendoodles get along great with other dogs and are exceptionally non-aggressive.

    Goldendoodle Physical Traits

    Goldendoodles are strong and lean with an overall athletic appearance.  Goldendoodles are bred in a variety of size groups, typically referred to as Standard (large), Miniature (medium), and Toy (small).   Within each group, a Goldendoodle’s height will vary depending on parental lineage.  It is not accurate to assume that a Goldendoodle’s size will be the average of its parents.