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    Guardian Homes

    RedLetter Doodles is always looking for quality Guardian Homes we can trust for our Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.  A Guardian Home is where our puppies have been placed in your home where we trust families to love and nurturing them as their own as part of our Guardian breeding program. The dogs remain RedLetter Doodles dogs and we make all major decisions for them while but they are part of your family. At the end of their breeding career they become solely yours.

    How It Works

    The puppy who becomes a mature dog lives with you and becomes a member of your family, while we retain breeding rights and title.  Once the dog is finished with their breeding career, they may be spayed/neutered and all rights will then be transferred to you.

    As a Guardian Family, you would be responsible for all the normal pet care, such as: feeding, grooming, normal vet visits, flea/tick prevention, training and toys. We will be responsible for any breeding related expenses such as: breeding fees, ultrasounds, microchips and hip/elbow, eye testing, or anything else associated with breeding.

    Typically a female dog cycles every 6 – 9 months.  After they are about 1.5 years old we may begin breeding them. Prior to breeding, we do a variety of different tests on them to ensure they are the best dogs for breeding. We will ask that you contact us at the start of her next heat.  We will determine the breeding days and coordinate to have her here for breeding.  She may or may not then returns to you. We will breed female Guardian Dogs 2-4 times.

    For our studs, the commitment is higher as we can use our studs more often. Generally we ask that our studs live in Washington, a little closer to where we live to make this easier for everyone.  Our studs go through all the same testing and we may begin using them around 1.5 years old. Once our most fertile female breeding days have been figured out, we will ask the stud to be delivered for a short window of time and then picked back up to allow rest for the stud between breedings.

    Guardian Homes Requirements

    • You must live within 250 miles of Edmonds, Washington.
    • Own your own home or have a history of renting a home.
    • Have a lot prior experience owning, raising and training a dog.
    • Have a secured safe fenced yard for the dog.
    • Commit to provide premium food, Costco name branded food is perfect. Use Puppy high protein quality food for the whole 1st year.
    • Make sure the dog gets 15-30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week.
    • Commit to training for dog. RedLetter Doodles expects a well trained and obedient dog. If you need to take a obedience classes, they will be at your cost. Completion certificates will need to be submitted to RedLetter Doodles for our records.
    • You must accept and follow RedLetter Doodles recommendations for the dog puppy’s basic health care and vet care such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc.It’s really not hard, just common sense.
    • Commit to drive the dog to us for breeding purposes or testing when we request.
    • If a move is necessary you must communicate with us immediately to discuss it.
    • Understand the process involved with caring for fertile and intact males or females and commit to assume those responsibilities and keep them safe. Stuff happen when a female dog comes into heat or season. This is what it’s critical to each cycle written and projected out. Here communication needs to be 100% with RedLetter Doodles accurate.
    • Make sure no other intact dogs are on your premises to prevent unplanned mating or viruses. You need to be careful always where your Guardian dog is going.
    • You must be willing to maintain open and honest, truthful lines of communications with RedLetter Doodles with any matter related to the dog/puppy by providing us with a monthly update on the dog/puppy at the first of every month. This includes a monthly photo of the puppy e-mailed. We have learned that Trust is Earned and Quickly Lost.
    • Notify RedLetter Doodles of new contact information if there is your cell number or e-mail changes. We are big on communication.
    • RedLetter Doodles must be allowed to potentially visit your home.
    • Commit to love this puppy who becomes a mature dog for many years to come and will provide them with proper nutrition, veterinary care, obedience training and exercise they need to have a full and happy life.

    If RedLetter Doodles is dissatisfied with the progress of the dog, he or she might have to be returned to us.