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    The RedLetter Doodles Story

    RedLetter Doodles chose to concentrate on miniature and medium size Labradoodles and Goldendooldes, with an occasional litter AKC Labradors. From our personal experience we have found the miniature and medium sized dogs to be the perfect size for families or individuals. We are a family based breeders specializing in non-shedding allergy free puppies who have lived with us and have experienced life which makes them well prepared to leave for their new homes. We are proud that 35%+ of our puppy sales are from referrals.

    When I was twelve years-old my dad came home one day and told me and my brother that we were going to hunter safety classes, as  we were going to start bird hunting. That sounded great, what young boy does not want to shoot a gun. That was the start of a Weber family tradition of waterfowl and upland bird hunting. Right away my dad figured out that my mom’s medium size black “House Poodle Joco” did not like swimming 30-40 yards and retrieving ducks. So the next year we got a AKC Yellow Labrador, Deek. Deek was a great dog who also father a litter and we kept a male, Tank. Tank’s name completely describes his body style and temperament. 

    Deek and Tank

    Through the years we always hunted, but my dad always had the dog because of allergies in my family. In  2001 I started looking for my first Labrador and Kelly Hanson a member at the hunting club recommended I get a puppy out of a Yellow Labrador AKC Field Trail Champion named “Sun Valley Nugget” for $1000 who’s puppies were in Bakersfield CA. I had never heard  of anyone paying $1000 for a dog let alone shipping a 8-week old puppy back to Seattle WA. Well, I needed to attend a business trip in LA, so I thought I would go look at these high priced puppies.

    I had the afternoon off one day and drove up to Bakersfield to meet the breeder, John who was a old field-trial trainer and part time breeder. When he showed me what a trained higher-end bloodline Labrador could do. I was sold. Six weeks later my son Aaron and I flew down and back the same day and picked up our 1st family dog; we named him Kirby Son of a Nugget after his famous father.

    Phil and Candi

    My story is connected with why we, RedLetter Doodles a small family owned breeding business choose to breed mixed breed dogs. We had been breeding Labradors part time and still do part time, starting in 2007. After a litter of Labradors in 2012, the idea of a  Hyper-Allergenic dog interested me. I spent 1 1/2 years researching mixed breeds, and choose to focus Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. We first started in 2015 with Multigen-Australian Labradoodles who are Hyper-Allergenic. Labradors shed a lot and are far from being Hyper-Allergenic, I know I been around them for over 40 years.

    Later in 2015, RedLetter Doodles also added F1 & F2 Goldendoodles. Goldendoodles are similar to Labradoodles so much its really hard to tell them apart, thats the truth. All are very smart, friendly, Hyper-Allergenic and make wonderful family pets.

    I love seeing families come over (some 3-4 times a week) to pick out a puppy, name him or her, love the puppy and make the puppy a key part of their family culture.